Thursday, 22 December 2011

Gagets You Must Like.

Watch on neck-  A  unique locket by fastrack with a dashing look, If you have it you feel something special.This is a locket for guys needed different look.It have golden colors with look quite pretty.
Price: 2495.00 RS

Philips Notebook Sound Bar:  Compact, clip-on laptop speaker; USB-powered with hideaway cord; carrying pouch included; sounds better and plays louder than your typical internal laptop speakers; works with Macs and Windows. 

Price: 1800.00 RS.

SPLIT THUMP MP3 SUNGLASSES:Split THUMP is your favorite pair of sunglasses with the added benefit of an MP3 player. The sunglasses are designed to fit in your world and the MP3 player is there to rock it. Listen to music virtually anywhere with speakers that adjust easily and come out when you don’t need them. Quickly control the music with buttons that only you know are there, because they’re seamlessly blended into the icons. Forget about wires that dangle, snag and tangle, because the age of wires is over.

Price: 7500.00 RS.

Aakash Tablet:The Aakash is an Android table computer jointly developed by the London based Company DataWind with the Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan.Operating System Android 2.2,CPU 700MHz,GPRS and really like it.

Price: 2500.00 RS.


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