Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Java Concepts: Overloading and Overriding....

1.When we create same name method within a class with different arguments is
    called overloading.
2.In Overloading, Compiler decide at the compile time that which method has
    to be called.
3.The number of arguments or order of arguments must be different.
4.The return type may be different of  overloaded method.
5.The access modifier may be different of overloaded method.
6.Exception can be change.

1.If we creates same name method in child class than it is called overriding.
2.Code associated  with a given method call is not known until the time of call at
   run time that also called dynamic binding.
3.The argument list must be same.
4. The return type must be same.
5.The access modifier must not be more restrictive then the parent class method.
6.Exception must not throw a new or broader exception.

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